Savivaldybių rajonų vaidmuo

Keturių savivaldybių rajonų vaidmuo ir atsakomybė bei jų steigimas pagal 2014 m. Vietos valdžios reformos įstatymą

Role of the Municipal Districts.

Municipal Districts were established with the passing of the Local Government Reform Act 2014. In Kilkenny the Electoral Areas were revised to four Electoral Areas as follows;

  • Castlecomer,
  • Kilkenny City East
  • Kilkenny City West
  • Piltaunas,

3 Municipal Districts were established as follows:

· Municipal District of Castlecomer (to include the Electoral Area of Castlecomer)

· Municipal District of Piltown (to include the Electoral Area of Piltown)

· Municipal District of Kilkenny City (to include the two Electoral Areas of Kilkenny City East & West)

The members of the Council elected from the Electoral Areas within the Municipal Districts comprise the Council for the Municipal District .

The Municipal Districts elected a Cathaoirleach & Leas Cathaoirleach annually, adopt standing orders to regulate the conduct of meetings, adopt schedules of Municipal works, have authority to perform reserved functions, monitor the implementation of programmes of work, receive deputations , meet agencies and other bodies, raise, discuss and decide on local matters relevant to the Municipal District

The details of the 24 Elected Members are available čia and are set out on a Municipal District basis

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